July 21, 2020

Telemedicine Services for Your Employees

TELEMEDICINE services have never been more important.  Does your city use HealthiestYou?

In this unprecedented time, we want to remind KLC Health Insurance members that HealthiestYou is a great resource for you and your employees. This is a KLC-provided service which is free to our health insurance members and employees.

Teledoc information

Teledoc, which is part of HealthiestYou, is available 24/7 as a telemedicine service. The Teledoc teams are well-prepared to support you and its website has aggregated some of the most important COVID-19 information to share. Teledoc activated a Pandemic Response Plan several weeks ago and is prepared to respond to employees. Doctors are trained and equipped to conduct virtual visits. Its technology is highly reliable. 

With any questions or issues regarding use of HealthiestYou, or for information about the KLC Health Insurance program, contact Jeremy Baird, Director of Agency Operations at 859-977-3707.

Typical services from HealthiestYou: 

  • 24/7 Unlimited doctor access
  • Get a diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Access by app or telephone
  • Available for spouse and dependent on plan
  • Find a nearby doctor, pharmacy, urgent care, ER, or even a veterinarian
  • Provides call in to your preferred pharmacy OR price and save on prescriptions
  • Price proceduresSearch and compare doctors
  • Friendly reminders to saveWon’t affect existing relationships with personal physicians
  • No limit on the number of calls

Additional Resources:
Frequently Asked Questions

General Informational Flyer

Easy Instructions - Setting up the HealthiestYou phone app

For Workers’ Comp injuries, please continue to use Company Nurse© at 1.855.339.1889.