How to Get Involved

Why is it Important for City Leaders to be Involved in the Legislative Process?

City officials will quickly realize that so much of what happens within their own city limits is impacted by county governments, other cities, and most significantly, the state legislature. As an elected official, part of your job is to influence legislative action that affects your city's interests.

City officials must make sure legislators know the importance and value that cities contribute to the state's success. However, you don't have to go at it alone. Cities share many common interests and have more political influence as a collective unit than separate entities. The Kentucky League of Cities serves as the united voice for cities before the General Assembly, based on the direction of the legislative agenda created for each session.

How does KLC Create the Legislative Agenda?

The development of the legislative agenda begins as soon as the previous session ends. Immediately after each session, staff travels the state to educate members on recently enacted legislation and solicit ideas for new legislative initiatives and reforms for the next session. These ideas are paired with staff analysis and presented to the KLC Board of Directors. The KLC Board of Directors comprises more than 60 city officials who represent each region of the state and cities of all sizes. It includes representatives from various affiliate organizations that represent city interests. The Board meets to extensively discuss and evaluate the suggestions from member cities and prepares a legislative agenda. Once approved by the Executive Board, the League's legislative agenda is the basis of KLC's advocacy efforts at the Capitol. KLC encourages all members to provide input on the legislative agenda.   Please talk to staff or reach out to Board members so that your city’s needs are represented in Frankfort.