February 24, 2021

Grant Writing Tips

For many years KLC has heard from elected officials that outside funding sources are needed to accomplish many projects or events that would otherwise go unfunded. Often the difficulty for the officials is that there is no one on the city’s staff that has the training or capacity to locate grant sources or write the application.

KLC offers a free guideline to assist you.

KLC regularly lists grants on our website which are updated weekly.

You can check your readiness by using the following checklist.

Pre-Grant Preparation Checklist

If you can answer the following questions about your project, it will make the grant writing process much easier.

_____ Summary: Describe in some detail what the total project concept is.

Explain the need. Discuss why it is important for your organization to have the project.

_____ Cost: What do you see as potential cost factors? What portion do you see coming from the local area and what portion from outside funding sources? How will the project be managed over the long haul?

_____ Market: Who is your market for the project, and how do you plan to market to them? Be sure your answers are reflected in the cost analysis.

_____ Readiness: If you found the money, how soon could you start? What is your time line for completion? Is the project to be done in phases?

_____ Capacity: How efficient will the organization be if you found the money? What have you done before that will convince the giver that you can follow through with your plans?

_____ Resumes: Demonstrate the expertise of your organization to implement and administer the project and grant funds.

_____ Effectiveness: Since you don't have this project now, how are you being effective in addressing the current need? What would be better if you received funding?

_____ Support: Who else in the community is supportive of this project? How do you know? You will need some type of documentation to justify the project.

_____ Ongoing Support: Articulate how your organization will sustain this project beyond the scope of the grant.

_____ Photos and related information: If appropriate, include photos of any supporting documentation for this grant proposal.

This is a simple guide to help you see what will be expected when approaching funding sources, whether they are state or federal government or private foundations.