March 29, 2024

VC3 Offers Guide to IT Budgeting

Cities of all sizes need to focus on internet technology and cybersecurity. KLC Strategic Partner VC3 provides its customers with access to its Guide to Municipal IT Budgeting.

There is no standardized IT budgeting template, and each city will take a unique approach. The VC3 guide gives city managers, clerks, and elected officials an overview of how IT and cybersecurity budgeting can help mitigate risks while maximizing investments and keeping their city safe and secure.

While cities don’t have to create an extremely detailed IT budget, there are certain components that should be present for cities of all sizes. Most budgets fail to go into detail because they lump IT into a single line item. This can oversimplify IT and miss some important items. The VC3 guide will show you how to use components that will benefit you in planning, as well as when presenting your IT budget to others for review.

KLC Insurance Services offers cyber liability coverage to its members. Those with coverage can have deductibles as high as $50,000 per occurrence. However, that could be reduced to $5,000 per occurrence if the member has the following security measures in place:

• Multi-factor authentication

• Data backup and disaster recovery

• Advanced threat protection

• Endpoint detection and response

Municipalities should apply a risk-based mindset to IT, including conducting an IT assessment or audit, ensuring that data backup is tested and operational, and assessing the age of your hardware.

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