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Vacancies in Office

An elected city office is considered vacant when it is no longer held by someone qualified to do so. This means that whenever someone leaves an office through death, resignation, impeachment, ouster, or removal, or if someone holding office fails to qualify for it or accepts an incompatible office, then the office is considered vacant.

Vacancies can be filled through appointment and sometimes through a special election. Appointments are the responsibility of the council or commission and must be done quickly, otherwise the authority will shift to the governor. Most often appointments meet the requirement for filling a vacant office, but given the time frame of the vacancy, there are cases when elections may be required. If the office is vacated late in its term cycle, then the appointment should suffice until the next scheduled election. However, a special election may need to be held if a significant portion of the term remains. In this case, the typical procedure for elections should be followed, with the sole exception that the winning candidate will take office immediately.