February 15, 2019

Mayors Have a Duty to Distribute Two Publications

Now that things have settled down at City Hall, it is important to remember that Mayors have a duty to distribute two publications from the Kentucky Office of Attorney General to all elected officials and newly appointed officials within 60 days of when the term of office began. The clock started on January 1 for newly elected officials and began the next council or commission meeting after their appointment for new appointees. This includes special districts “located within their jurisdiction” regardless of whether it is a joint board, i.e. tourism commission or code enforcement board. In the case of a joint board, the Mayor must distribute the publications to those board members appointed by the city."Your Duty Under the Law" and "Managing Government Records"are the publications that Mayors must distribute. The Mayor may also assign a designee with that task, however the duty to distribute the publications ultimately falls to the Mayor.

The Mayor must give to newly elected or appointed official that is a recognition that they received the information. The Proof of Receipt form should be kept on file with other city or agency records.

Required Forms