December 20, 2017

Member Legal Services

Each year the KLC Member Legal Services staff travels throughout the state providing valuable training to member cities regarding municipal, employment, constitutional law, and other miscellaneous topics that impact our member cities. In our effort to provide member cities with the most up to date research and information, the staff answers more than 3,000 questions per year about issues that impact cities. Our legal advocacy program champions city rights by actively engaging in court cases to make sure that cities voices are heard in cases impacting cities.

Member Legal Services works with each division within KLC to ensure that we are delivering critical services to our member cities. We are constantly watching for emerging issues, both state and nationwide, that will impact our members.

Personnel Policy Program
Did you know that we operate a personnel policy program in which members with KLCIS policies can save 50-90% off the cost for our personnel specialist to tailor a personnel policy for your city? Contact Andrea Shindlebower for more information.

Did you know that we conduct trainings for cities anywhere? There is a modest fee but cities can request combined trainings or even collaborate on requesting back to back training and save on costs.

Legal Advocacy
KLC advocates for cities in state and federal courts. Some examples of KLC advocacy include challenging the telecommunications tax act and advising the Kentucky Office of Attorney General on opinions that may impact cities.