July 13, 2021

Cell Phones in the Workplace

While cell phones have become more popular than ever, their use may have some negative effects in the workplace. Because of this, cities may find it necessary to enforce proper mobile phone etiquette at work and in many cases incorporate cell phone policies within the employee handbook.

Here are some quick tips for cell phone etiquette at work:

DO turn your ringer to vibrate or silent. Remember that you share a space with others, so keep your ringer off when bringing your mobile phone into meetings. Doing so will help keep calls or notifications from being disruptive. If you must keep your ringer on, select a discreet, professional ringtone and keep it on the quietest setting possible.

DO remember to include an email signature on messages that come from your mobile phone or tablet. This is often overlooked, and it is important to include your city contact information so people can easily respond to you.

DON’T take personal calls at your desk if you share close space with co-workers. This can be distracting to those sitting near you and can make for an uncomfortable atmosphere if you are discussing private matters.

DON’T take a call or text if you are having a face-to-face conversation with someone. Let the call go to voicemail or read your text after you finish your conversation.

DON’T talk or text and drive. If it is a call or text that you must make, pull over to do so!

Lastly, keep in mind that electronic messages that are created, received, used, or disposed of as part of city business can be considered open records and must be treated as such in regard to retention and disposal. For more information on this refer to the KLC article on the Use of Email in City Government.

For sample cell phone or email policies or for more information on this or any other personnel matter, contact Andrea Shindlebower Main, KLC personnel services manager.