October 27, 2020

CDC Releases New Distracted Driving and Cost of Crash Deaths Fact

CDC recently released a new fact sheet on Distracted Driving that state lawmakers and public health professionals can use to learn about promising strategies being used to help address distracted driving. The fact sheet presents strategies such as high-visibility enforcement and requiring passenger limits for young drivers to highlight what some states have done and what other states can do to address distracted driving.

CDC also recently updated state-based fact sheets on the cost of crash deaths. The cost of medical care and productivity losses associated with motor vehicle traffic deaths exceeded $55 billion for crashes that occurred in 2018. While these numbers are concerning, there are proven strategies that can help prevent motor vehicle injuries and deaths and reduce these costs.

Each state can see an overview of how to reduce costs by preventing crashes and by preventing injuries when crashes occur. CDC encourages states to use the new state-based fact sheets to identify strategies to help people stay safe on the road.

Learn more on these CDC pages:
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