September 14, 2020

Robot Training for Police - Safety First for All

Provided to Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services Member Police Departments

For more details, read the Fact Sheet and Overview. 

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) Insurance Services Law Enforcement program continuously researches and offers our members state-of-the-art and effective tools to address officer and public safety, and loss control.

The new MotoShot Robot Target System will assist in covering several areas of critical training including the important skill set of shooting at moving targets, target identification and isolation. Court cases have stated that officers should train on several critical areas that they might face, and the decision-making process involved. Another longstanding program that addresses this is the KLC Ti firearms simulators
which includes decision making. The new KLC MotoShot robot system will also allow for decision making with the ability to add or remove weapons from the human-like robot.The moving target training adds realism to the training as shootings are very rarely stationary. Typically, officers and suspects, as well as bystanders, are moving. There have been actual shootings where bystanders and police officers have been shot by mistake which resulted in them being killed and/or paralyzed. Our goal with this training tool is to meet the court case recommendations, as well as provide training to increase the safety of our officers and citizens.

The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services program recommends that officers qualify with authorized firearms a minimum of twice annually.

With questions about using the system in your police department or with feedback, contact Mark Filburn, KLC Senior Law Enforcement Liaison (859.327.9750) or Brian Nunn, KLC Senior Law Enforcement Consultant (502.664.8110).