June 18, 2020

Free Member Service-Post COVID-19 City Recovery Planning

Post COVID-19 City Government Work Plan 
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The Kentucky League of Cities Community Development Service (KLC CDS) staff will help you create a work plan using front-end survey tools and remote means of communication. The result will be a customized action plan to address your city’s specific concerns and issues coming out of this unprecedented health crisis and anticipated economic distress.  This is a free service to KLC members.  

What’s in it for you?

This intensive new model gives your city a plan. As a result of this process, you will receive:

  • A customized and targeted plan for your city to begin implementing now;
  • Identified challenges and opportunities that your community will work on together;
  • Clear goals, tactics and recommendations that allow you to implement immediately.

Who can participate?
Mayors are the initial audience for this initiative. Mayors may wish to include council/commission members and/or department heads as the work unfolds. This consultation session will assist the team of leaders in identifying the best possible steps for your community to find success in today’s reality.

How does it work?
Services will be provided on a first-come, first served basis. You will have an initial conversation with KLC CDS staff which will generate a scope-of-work plan for you.  Next will come meetings and conversations via virtual meeting platforms, conference calls and/or emails, followed by a step-by-step work plan.   The KLC CDS team is small but efficient.

Getting started 
Contact KLC Director of Community Development Tad Long or Community Development Advisor Bobbie Bryant at 800.876.4552 to get started.