October 7, 2019

Police Asset Forfeiture Reporting Now Due

Asset Forfeiture Reporting

This information was due by September 30, 2019

To Police Chiefs: 

Executive Director Van Ingram of the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy needs your continued assistance to fulfill the statutory requirements of KRS 218A.440 pertaining to Asset Forfeiture as written below:

1) Each law enforcement agency seizing money or property pursuant to KRS 218A.415 shall, at the close of each fiscal year, file a statement with the Auditor of Public Accounts, and with the Secretary of Justice and Public safety containing, a detailed listing of all money and property seized in that fiscal year and the disposition thereof. The listing shall identify all property so seized.

2) Any agency failing to report as required by this section shall be liable to the state for the full value of all property and money so seized. The Attorney General shall institute civil actions for recovery of money or property obtained or     retained in violation of KRS 218A.405 to 218A.460.

3) The Auditor of Public Accounts, the secretary of justice and public safety or the Attorney General may at any time initiate an inquiry to determine that property is being forfeited as required by KRS218A.405 to 218A.460

It is a very streamlined process by simply following requirements either by printing the form found under the law enforcement tab on the ODCP website www.odcp.ky.gov and sending by email, mail, fax (502)564-6104, or send it electronically.   

Should you have any questions, contact Heather Wainscott at (502) 564-8277. Thank you.