February 15, 2024

Law Enforcement Cybercrimes Grants - March 15/Grant Due April 29

The 2022 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act recognized the threat posed by the misuse of technology to exert power and control over individuals. As a result, OVW established the Local Law Enforcement Grants for Enforcement of Cybercrimes Program (Cybercrimes Enforcement Program) to support efforts by states, tribes, and units of local government to prevent, enforce, and prosecute cybercrimes against individuals. This is the first solicitation for this new program.

Cybercrimes against individuals are defined as criminal offenses that involve the use of a computer to harass, threaten, stalk, extort, coerce, cause fear to, or intimidate an individual, or without consent distribute intimate images of an adult. Note: The term computer includes a computer network and an interactive electronic device.

Cybercrimes against individuals do not include the use of a computer to cause harm to a commercial entity, government agency, or non-natural person.

Funds from this program can be used to support training relating to cybercrimes against individuals, as well as assistance to law enforcement agencies in enforcing laws that prohibit cybercrimes against individuals, educating the public, supporting victim assistants, establishing task forces, and acquiring computers and equipment necessary to conduct investigations and forensic analysis of evidence.

Eligible applicants include units of local government. To submit an application, all applicants must register online with the System for Award Management (SAM) and with Grants.gov. To ensure sufficient time to complete the registration process, applicants should register online with SAM and with Grants.gov immediately, but no later than April 8, 2024.

For more information contact OVW.cybercrimes@usdoj.gov or call 202.307.6026.