October 12, 2023

Peace Officer’s Oath to Suppress Gaming

Several cities recently contacted KLC about KRS 62.040, the Peace Officer’s Oath to Suppress Gaming, considering sports gambling is now legal in the commonwealth.

The oath, which has been on the books since 1942, requires, “[e]very peace officer shall take an oath that he will endeavor, to the best of his ability, to detect and prosecute all gamblers and others violating the laws against gaming.” KRS 62.040(1)

Anyone authorized to administer the oath may do so pursuant to KRS 62.020, including any active, retired, or senior status justice or judge of the Court of Justice or active, retired, or senior status federal judge with Kentucky jurisdiction; any member of the General Assembly may administer an oath statewide; or any county judge/executive, notary public, clerk of a court, or justice of the peace, within their district or county. In addition, KRS 83A.180 allows the mayor in a home rule class city to administer the official oath of any city officer.

If your city has any questions, please contact the KLC Municipal Law Department at 800.876.4552.