February 27, 2023

Cities Reminded to Report State Road Closures

Spring is almost here. After a cold winter, we are all ready for outdoor celebrations, parades, and festivals. It is also time to assess city roads for maintenance needs. City planners will start strategizing parade routes and other potential street closures to facilitate city road maintenance. But what about state roads? Many cities have state roads that events and closures will impact. The Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYTC) has a few requests for cities that intend to close a state road.

Regardless of the reason for the state road closure, cities must notify KYTC. KYTC requests as much notice as possible, preferably at least 60 days. Cities can notify their local district office

The district office will request a certificate of liability insurance in conformance to KYTC’s requirements, documentation of the local agency’s support for the event, and information related to traffic control and detours (if applicable). In some cases, the district office may direct the city to KYTC’s webpage to download a TC 99-1A Application for Encroachment Permit to be completed and submitted back to the district office.

For city events, the city’s insurance provider can provide a general certificate of liability insurance. Outside entities, like companies performing road maintenance or clubs hosting a 5k, will need to provide certificates of liability insurance to the city for KYTC documentation. Proof of the city’s support for the event can include approval of a parade application, a simple letter from the city, or city minutes approving the street closures.