May 3, 2022

Worth the Price Check

Cities Can Save through the Cabinet of Finance and Administration 

City officials have budgets on the brain. While city leaders are conscientious, making purchases can sometimes be challenging. One option is the Kentucky Division of Surplus Properties in Frankfort. Now more than ever, as metals, wood, and other materials are more expensive for manufacturers, checking into purchases at the division is a smart step. 

The division’s 60,000-square-foot warehouse has literally thousands of heavily discounted items, including furniture, generators, tools, vehicles, clothing, industrial and construction supplies, and even medical supplies. The Division of Surplus Properties also offers upholstery and furniture refinishing. 

The surplus items come from various state and federal government sources. All local governments, and certain nonprofit organizations, can participate in the purchasing programs, provided they are eligible per state policy and Federal Management Regulations. 

For more eligibility information, visit the website. If there is something specific that you need but have not been able to find, call the division. The staff can search across the country to find various items and equipment.

You can also learn more about the program and current items on the Kentucky Division of Surplus Properties Facebook page. City officials are also encouraged to contact the division and see what’s available. 

To get information or schedule a site visit, contact: 

Surplus Properties Cabinet of Finance and Administration
999 Chenault Road Frankfort, KY 40601
502-573-4836 – main number
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  

Examples of recent city purchases:

  • A 20-foot electric scissor lift for $5,000, a savings of $10,000 off the original acquisition cost
  • A used pick-up truck with very low mileage, in great condition for only $2,250, which was less than half of its book value
  • A utility golf cart for $4,000 less than the acquisition