March 7, 2022

Call to the Post – Don’t Forget to Set Elected Official Pay

The weather is finally warming up. Before you know it, we will be dusting off our Derby fascinators and finery to go with our best mint julep recipe for the Run for the Roses — a date we are all required to know occurs on the first Saturday in May.

But elected officials need to be aware of the significance of the first Monday in May too. KRS 83A.070(1) requires that a city’s legislative body set the compensation of elected city officers by ordinance by the first Monday of May in the year that the officer is elected. This year that date is May 3, to be effective on January 1, 2023 — after this year’s November election.

Once a city sets its pay rate, elected officials cannot change it during the term of office. This means they cannot adjust the pay up or down once set by ordinance outside of a yearly cost of living adjustment (COLA) — if the ordinance authorizes a COLA.

Some city officials miss the deadline every election year and end up shut out – just like if you get caught in line at the betting window when the starting gate opens. So please take the time to get this item on the agenda to avoid a photo finish over the passage of your city’s pay ordinance.

If you have any questions – contact the KLC legal department at 800.876.4552.