July 27, 2021

Time to Clean Up Your Investments?

Does Your City Need To Park ARPA Funds For the Short Term?

Since HB 69 passed in 2019, cities across Kentucky are updating their investment policies to allow for equities and high-quality corporate bonds in their portfolios. Now is the perfect time to join the KLC Investment Pool (KLCIP) where your ARPA funds can work for you by earning interest based on your city’s investment strategies. 

KLCIP is another member-focused service from KLC. KLCIP accounts are managed by PNC Institutional Asset Management who works directly with KLC members to develop a solid investment strategy while remaining compliant with Kentucky statutes. 

KLCIP offers:

  • Five investment options, customized to your city’s risk tolerance
  • No fees on KLCIP Money Market Fund
  • A competitive yield
  • Safe, easy access to your accounts
  • No minimum investment
  • No transaction fees for additions, withdrawals or transfers

Considerations for your city: 

  • Are your investments making the most for your city and taxpayers? 
  • Are CDs maturing soon? Does your city have rainy day money to invest?
  • Have you updated or adopted your city’s investment policy to allow for corporate bonds and equities?

It’s a good time to join the KLC Investment Pool. Learn more.