"It doesn’t seem that long ago that I told Paul Deines how excited I was to be hired by KLC.  That was October 19, 2005, and I really didn’t know then what greater purpose and fulfillment KLC would provide beyond simply being my new employer.  I had not yet experienced the fullness of the family I had been so blessed to be adopted into.  Now I know for certain that KLC is a family in every sense of the word because I have personally experienced the care, dignity, respect, kindness, support, and core values that define family.  These values are expressed from every level of the organization and it is with these virtues that we serve our cities.  Other employers say that they have a family atmosphere; KLC actually puts those words into action.  This is what makes the culture at KLC so special.  It’s an honor and a privilege to be a member of this family and it’s a blessing to be called a member of this staff.  How lucky we are to be ambassadors for Kentucky cities!"
-Greg Partin, KLC Director of Loss Control
“Having retired after spending nearly 14 wonderful years with KLC, I look back now and wonder why I ever retired. The entire KLC staff work in unison each day to support the member cities and I truly enjoyed being a part of this committed group for so many exciting and fulfilling years.”
-Robin Cooper, former KLC Chief Member Services Officer and former Mayor of Paintsville
"As a former Mayor of a member city and Past President of KLC, I cannot imagine what my city would have done without the support and guidance of KLC.  Now, as an employee, every day I get to see the passion and commitment of the staff as they help each city to be their best."
-Mike Miller, KLC Senior Marketing Agent and former Mayor of Jackson
“The KLC team is second to none, and working with them gave me valuable experience to serve my community as city attorney and county attorney.”
-Allen O. Wilson, former KLC Law Clerk
“I am so grateful to be a part of the KLC team.  It offers its employees flexible hours, telecommuting, supports work/life balance, and most importantly fosters a workplace family!”
-Jeri McCullough, KLC Director of Business Relations and Training