Workers' Compensation

KLC created the state's first workers' compensation self-insured group program in 1978 and consolidated its self-insured programs in 1987 in response to customer needs. Cities could not find affordable insurance, so KLC started a pool to serve them. These self-insured programs are member-owned and governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of representatives from the participating members. All insurance programs are nonprofit and are operated in the public interest. 

Cities, their agencies, boards, commissions, units of local government, and other nonprofit public purpose organizations are eligible to participate.

Our workers' compensation program provides medical and indemnity benefit coverage for your employees and volunteers for injury or disease sustained while on the job. All benefits are provided on a statutory basis in accordance with the law of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky League of Cities members report losses to a triage nurse who assists injured workers in getting the appropriate treatment in a timely manner. These nurses specialize in occupational injuries and are available 24/7/365.