July 9, 2024

Middletown Completes Certified City of Ethics Training

On Thursday, June 20, the City of Middletown completed its Certified City of Ethics training, facilitated by KLC Personnel Services Managing Attorney Chris Johnson. This significant achievement under the Kentucky League of Cities Certified City of Ethics Program is a testament to Middletown's commitment to ethical governance and accountability.

The Certified City of Ethics Program recognizes cities and city officials that have adopted comprehensive principles and procedures to guide ethical decision-making and provide a framework for resolving complaints at the local level. By participating in this program, Middletown has demonstrated its dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in its operations.

The training, a key component of the Certified City of Ethics Program, plays a crucial role in enhancing the ethical awareness and behavior of city officials. This not only fosters greater public trust and confidence in city government but also ensures that Middletown's operations are conducted with the highest standards of integrity. By participating in this program, Middletown joins a distinguished group of cities that prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical governance.

Learn how your city can become a KLC Certified City of Ethics.

Pictured: Middletown Commission members Mayor Byron Chapman, Commissioner Mark Stigers, Commissioner Paul Hayden, Commissioner Ron Wolf, and Commissioner Amy Oliver. Middletown Ethics Committee members Kay Ball, Brandon Timothy Cossett, John Vincent Guenthner, and Chip Herchert.