September 25, 2023

Shine While You Dine

Now more than ever, decisions and deals are being made during receptions, luncheons, and dinners instead of in the board room. That’s why the Kentucky League of Cities Member & Business Development team added a unique soft skills training to its course catalog earlier this year.

The Dine Like A Diplomat®️ training has garnered much interest from cities and communities across the commonwealth. It is a great team-building opportunity that brings together your team, committee, or organization.

Earlier this month, the Henderson Leadership Initiative, Inc. again took advantage of the Dine Like A Diplomat®️ course and welcomed back KLC staff member Sarah Stoll, who is certified to present this training on dining and etiquette. The skills learned in this course will help the HLI Class of 2023, some of the community’s current and future leaders, communicate, collaborate, and conduct business in various social settings.

Contact Sarah or call 859.977.3748 for more information about bringing this opportunity to your city or association.