July 14, 2023

Important Upgrades to REACH Alert

Not a day goes by without news of another natural disaster, shooting, or some other incident impacting communities here in Kentucky and globally. City officials must be part of the communication chain. For more than 10 years, the Kentucky League of Cities has been a partner with Kentucky-based REACH Alert to promote an easily and affordably customizable product for emergency communication needs. REACH Alert provides municipalities, utilities, and other organizations the ability to instantly communicate timely information in the easiest, most efficient way possible, including text, phone, email, or any combination of the three. The platform is based on years of experience developing communication systems. The proven system now has upgrades allowing texts up to several hundred characters long (previously restricted to 160). REACH Alert also now addresses a new FCC anti-spamming protocol that requires each network to have a unique toll-free phone number and for every message to be approved for appropriate content. The company spends extra money to get each client pre-vetted so their notifications are not filtered. This is a straight pass through of $3.00 per month ($36 annually). The system is very affordable. For cities under 2,000 customers, the price for the first year is $1.12, going up to only $2.25 per household in the second year.

REACH Alert can help cities and municipal agencies communicate emergency information affecting an entire residential or municipal customer base. You can also share something as limited as a lost pet in a specific neighborhood. Each time you use REACH Alert, you target the message and audience.

REACH Alert is a simple, web-based communication tool that allows even the most technologically challenged administrator to easily reach anyone within seconds. Information can be tailored and shared with only those who need it. Pricing for REACH Alert is based on the number of households you choose. The system allows for multiple phone numbers and emails per household to reach the highest number of people via phone, text, and/or email, and can be changed as needed. Current REACH Alert users find one of the most rewarding aspects of the system is responsiveness and training. Based in Louisville, REACH Alert staff can train as many users as necessary and are just a phone call or email away.

With REACH Alert, you can:

  • Notify residents of emergencies or hazardous situations. 
  • Make residents aware of downed power lines. 
  • Share information about broken water lines. 
  • Provide updates on road closures.
  • Communicate severe weather-related advisories. 
  • Notify the community about lost persons, pets, or Golden and Amber alerts. 
  • Notify residents about crime issues, such as suspects at large, burglaries, etc. 
  • Send public service advisories.
  • Advise citizens of routine utility operations like road work, tree trimming, and road marking. 
  • Provide city employees with critical information in the field in real time. 
  • Coordinate work crews, contractors, and subcontractors in times of emergency.

For more information on REACH Alert, contact KLC Member and Business Development or call Ken Webber directly at 877.307.9313 or 502.235.9697.