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Date Posted: 10/9/2019 1:00:09 PM


Patrol Officer Class Code: 2302 MURRAY, CITY OF (KY) Established Date: Jun 23, 2011

SALARY RANGE $18.20 - $24.05 Hourly $37,856.00 - $50,020.05 Annually

DESCRIPTION: CITY OF MURRAY CLASS SPECIFICATION Class Title: Patrol Officer Department: Police Supervisor: Police Sergeant Supervises: None Class Characteristics: Under general supervision of the shift supervisor, performs general duty police work in the enforcement of federal, state and local laws and ordinances to protect individual rights, protect life and property, prevent and suppress crime, and identify and apprehend criminal offenders; performs community service activities; performs related work as required.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: 1. Patrols city on foot or in radio equipped vehicle to enforce federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances, and to prevent and/or discover the commission of crime. 2. Responds to calls received during shift; investigates suspicious conditions and complaints; makes arrests of persons found to be in violation of law. 3. Processes and transports prisoners. 4. Works accidents and prepares reports; may perform follow-up investigative duties. 5. Issues citations. 6. Testifies as a witness in court. 7. Serves summons and subpoenas. 8. Provides assistance to citizens and the public as needed. 9. Investigates reports of stolen property; recovers and returns lost or stolen property. 10. Conducts follow-up investigations of homicides and thefts. 11. Investigates complaints. 12. Provides traffic control services in connection with school crossing, inoperative electronic traffic control devices, accidents, parades, and special events. 13. Maintains public order in crowds, parades, funerals or other public gatherings. 14. Prepares written reports on shift activities. 15. Assists ambulance and fire services in emergency situations. 16. Provides emergency first-aid. 17. Administers breathalyzer tests. 18. Conducts surveillance activities. 19. Investigates accidents and prepares reports. 20. Meets with citizens to discuss problems/complaints. 21. Maintains vehicle and equipment. 22. Participates in continuing education classes. 23. Enforces parking ordinances, business licenses ordinances, and other ordinances of the city. 24. May perform special related duties in special details or administrative services. 25. Is required to carry and utilize firearms in the course of duty as a sworn police officer. Non-essential: May perform specialized duties such as K-9 Officer, crime prevention, media relations, bicycle unit, etc., in addition to Patrol Officer duties upon assignment. May be assigned to serve on Area Drug Task Force.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or equivalent (GED) supplemented by certification that is approved and recognized by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge: 1. Knowledge of federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances. 2. Knowledge of modern police principles, practices and methods. 3. Knowledge of departmental rules and regulations. 4. Knowledge of the geography of the city. 5. Knowledge of first-aid. 6. Knowledge of preventative maintenance requirements for vehicle and equipment. Skills: 1. Skill in the use of firearms. 2. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Abilities: 1. Ability to remember names, faces and details of incidents. 2. Ability to analyze situations and to adopt a quick, effective and reasonable course of action with regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances. 3. Ability to prepare clear and comprehensive reports. 4. Ability to learn the safe and proper use of firearms. 5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with city officers and employees, other police departments/agencies, and the general public. 6. Physical strength and agility; excellent physical condition. 7. Excellent speaking and hearing abilities.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Instructions: Somewhat general; many aspects of work are covered specifically, but must also use some of own judgment. Processes: Work varies slightly and seldom required to take different, new or unusual approaches in completing job duties. Review of Work: Completed reports are reviewed by supervisor. This review will be combined with performance reviews given by commanding officers in the Police Department. Analytical Requirements: Decisions are based on wide knowledge and application of advanced techniques/concepts are required. Physical Demands: Work is generally performed outdoors regardless of weather conditions; intermittent sitting, standing, walking, climbing, bending, carrying, stretching and/or stooping required; must be able to lift objects weighing in excess of one hundred pounds; must be able to physically restrain individuals when required; must operate police cruiser in emergency situations; exposed to noise, fumes, all weather conditions; must have excellent hearing and vision; must be able to work in stressful situations. Tools and/or Equipment Used: Police cruiser, firearm, tasers, baton, hand cuffs, pepper spray, radio, camera, intoxilizer, PBT, normal office equipment (telephone, computer, etc.) Contacts: Frequent public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are requirements of the job. Confidential Information: Regular use of confidential information. Mental Effort: Heavy. Interruptions: Constant. Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license. Availability: Must be able to work irregular shifts. Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situations at all hours. Certification Requirements: Must successfully complete required annual training. Additional Requirements: See KRS Chapter 95 for additional requirements. Overtime Provision: Non-exempt.

DISCLAIMER AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: DISCLAIMER: This class specification does not constitute a contract between the employer and the employee, and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the class change. The functions listed above are illustrative only, and are not intended to cover all of the job duties and responsibilities. The omission of specific statements of duties and responsibilities does not exclude them from the class if the work is similar, related, or logical assignment to the class.

Salary Information: $37,856.00 / $50,020.05 Annually
Application Deadline: 11/08/2019

Apply to:

Jennie Overall
HR Representative
500 Main Street
Murray, KY 42071

Phone: 270-762-0350 ext. 1149
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