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Date Posted: 10/8/2019 2:25:02 PM


Class Title: Assistant Chief (Fire)
Pay Grade: 31
Department: Fire
Supervisor: Fire Chief

Supervises: All department personnel in the absence of the Fire Chief Class Characteristics: Under general direction, manages several core areas in the Fire Department. Areas may include: 1. Personnel assigned to the Operations Division 2. Personnel assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau 3. Fire department training 4. Budget 5. Human Resource Management 6. Fleet and logistic services 7. Other core areas within the fire department as required Under general direction, may participate in other roles such as: 1. Serve as acting fire chief during an absence of the fire chief 2. Fire dispatch communication liaison 3. Safety committee member 4. Other core roles within the fire department as required

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Essential: 1. Coordinates with supervisors assigned to the Operations Division to ensure the department is adequately prepared to respond to and mitigate emergency incidents. 2. Ensures fire stations are maintained and maintenance/repair requests are scheduled in a timely manner. 3. Coordinates with the supervisor of the Fire Prevention Division to ensure Chapter 92 of the City of Murray Code of Ordinances is efficiently and accurately enforced. 4. Provides technical and administrative work in reference to training and education of fire department personnel. 5. Assists the Fire Chief with financial management. 6. Participates in the development, counseling and discipline of fire department employees. 7. Assists in the recruitment and selection of new firefighters and assists with the development and administration of promotional exams. 8. Coordinates with the City Garage or outside vendors, to ensure apparatus and equipment are maintained and repaired and are in working order according to the outlined preventive maintenance schedule. 9. Attends training classes as required. 10. May serve as part of the incident management staff at the scene of emergency incidents. 11. Keeps Fire Chief informed of key events and/or happenings. 12. Reviews laws, official opinions, guidelines, and recommendations regarding the fire profession and ensures that notification of same is forwarded to all department personnel. Non-essential: None.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or equivalent (GED) supplemented by ten years of full-time firefighting experience at a fully paid fire department, including six years as a company officer or higher rank. Preferred qualifications include: Bachelors Degree in Fire Science or related educational field at an accredited college supplemented by 8 years of full-time fire department experience at a fully paid fire department, including two years service in an administrative chief officer capacity.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge: 1. Considerable knowledge of modern firefighting principles, methods and techniques used in fire suppression, inspection, and prevention. 2. Considerable knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, including National Fire Protection Association codes and standards, pertaining to fire prevention, inspection and suppression. 3. Considerable knowledge of firefighting, rescue, hazardous material, and technical rescue recommendations and legislation. 4. Considerable knowledge of department operating guidelines. 5. Considerable knowledge of the operation and maintenance of fire vehicles and equipment. 6. Considerable knowledge of OSHA and other safety regulations as it relates to public safety. Skills: 1. Administrative skills. 2. Organizational skills. 3. Leadership skills 4. Firefighting and rescue skills. Abilities: 1. Ability to initiate, plan, and carry out programs relating to the management of a fire department. 2. Analytical abilities. 3. Ability to ensure the preparation and maintenance of accurate records.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Instructions: Somewhat general; many aspects of work are covered specifically, but must also use some of own judgment. Processes: Must occasionally consider different courses of action, or deviate from standard operating guidelines, to get the job done. Review of Work: Work is reviewed through written and oral reports. Analytical Requirements: Assignments frequently involve decisions based on a wide knowledge of many factors where application of advanced or technical concepts are predominantly required. Physical Requirements of the Job: Work involves sitting, standing, stooping, walking; extreme physical demands at scene of emergencies for long periods of time; lifting heavy objects (more than 25 pounds); exposed to extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time; exposed to high places, confined spaces, noise, machinery and its moving parts, fumes, chemicals and toxic substances; must have excellent hearing and vision; must be able to wear a respirator. Tools, Equipment and Vehicles Used: All departmental fire and rescue equipment, vehicles and tools; normal office equipment. Contacts: Frequent public and internal contacts requiring tact and diplomacy are requirements of the job. Confidential Information: Regular use of confidential information. Mental Effort: Heavy. Interruptions: Frequent. Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain a valid drivers license. Availability: Must be able to respond to calls in emergency situations at all hours; must be able to attend departmental meetings and training programs during evening hours. Certification Requirements: Must have completed required basic training; must complete required annual training. Must possess Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 (or equivalent) certification. Preferred certification includes: Emergency Medical Technician certification, Level I Fire Instructor, State Certified Fire Instructor or able to become a certified Kentucky Fire Instructor within 24 months of employment.

Additional Requirements: See KRS Chapter 95 for additional requirements. Overtime Provision: Exempt.

DISCLAIMER AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: DISCLAIMER: This class specification does not constitute a contract between the employer and the employee, and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the class change. The functions listed above are illustrative only, and are not intended to cover all of the job duties and responsibilities. The omission of specific statements of duties and responsibilities does not exclude them from the class if the work is similar, related, or logical assignment to the class.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I have read and understand the class specification for Assistant Fire Chief. I understand that, with proper training and supervision, I will be required to perform all of the essential functions of the class unassisted and without delay.

Salary Information: $21.40-$35.18 hourly, $44,505 - $73,183 Annually
Application Deadline: 11/08/2019

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