Janitor/Light Maintenance

City of West Buechel | Louisville, KY

Date Posted: 9/17/2019 3:23:40 PM


Must be dependable and available to work 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday and occasional Saturdays for special projects.

Must be able to do detail cleaning of restrooms and office areas in multiple buildings. Also able to work outside to maintain city property. Being experienced in small snow removal equipment is a plus. Occasionally be available to assist contractors on City Projects and be able to lift heavy objects. Must have all limbs functioning, and have vision and hearing abilities

Application Deadline: 10/17/2019

You may obtain an application at 3705 Bashford Avenue, Louisville, KY 40218.

Debbie Batliner
City Clerk
3705 Bashford Avenue
Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: 5024594400
E-mail: d.batliner@westbuechelky.gov