Comprehensive Planning

Cities and counties in Kentucky are required to present and adopt a Comprehensive Land-Use Plan every five years that directs the future growth and development of the community.  Under KRS 100, the plan must contain the following elements:

(1) A statement of goals and objectives, which shall serve as a guide for the physical development and economic and social well-being of the planning unit;

(2) A land use plan element,

(3) A transportation plan element

(4) A community facilities plan element

(5) (a) Provisions for the accommodation of all military installations greater than or equal in area to three hundred (300) acres; and

(6) The comprehensive plan may include any additional elements such as, without being limited to, community renewal, housing, flood control, pollution, conservation, natural resources, regional impact, historic preservation, and other programs which in the judgment of the planning commission will further serve the purposes of the comprehensive plan.

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Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) 100