February 14, 2019

Free Membership to Destination Development Association

Free Membership to Destination Development Association - Take Advantage of this Opportunity

Destination Development Association (DDA) membership will be FREE throughout 2019. DDA is a membership association for developing thriving community destinations. Having worked with more than 1,500 communities, DDA president, Roger Brooks, is an international expert on city branding, economic development and downtown development.  He has spoken at three KLC conferences and worked with several Kentucky cities.

The free subscription includes access to the website and digital tools such as materials, presentations, blogs and more. KLC is a DDA member and encourages cities interested in creating a destination city to access this material. The free memberships will expire December 31, 2019. At that point, a membership can be purchased or you can opt out with no further obligation.  With specific questions about DDA, email Tad Long, Director of Community Development Services.