February 21, 2020

Implementing Law Enforcement Model Policies

KLCIS provides nationally accepted model policies for our members to utilize in addressing critical areas of law enforcement. Each policy is reviewed and approved by the KLCIS Model Policy Committee prior to posting on our website. The policy committee consists of active and former police chiefs, executive staff, DOCJT Legal and Leadership Sections Staff, KLCIS Law Enforcement and Legal Staff and other experts in police policy writing. Each policy has been thoroughly researched by LLRMI/PATC to conform to Federal and State laws. The policy service includes periodic reviews and updates to ensure the policies offered remain current and compliant with federal and state statutes and applicable court decisions. KLCIS notifies members of any changes via e-blast and/or weekly newsletter. Members may delete KLCIS and/or PATC insignia and utilize their own personalization. When implementing policy KLCIS recommends:

Consultation with local city or county attorney or other departmental legal advisor.

If any changes are made to the policies have the changes and reasons reviewed and approved by local city or county attorney or other departmental legal advisor.

Recommend that departments also have mayor, safety director and/or city council approve policies prior to implementation.

Do not adopt policies as ordinances since they are living documents and regular updates will be required. This would require an advertising posting etc. for any changes.

Select implementation date of new policy shortly after below steps are completed.

Training on each policy for every member of the department.

A short quiz or exam showing knowledge by department members on proper application.

Each officer signs the accountability roster or sign off sheet with date of training.

File sign off sheet with other departmental training records.

When updating any current departmental policy, old Policy should be archived departmentally including documenting date range it was effective.

Direct any questions or concerns to Law Enforcement Consultants Mark Filburn and Brian Nunn