Does your city have a suspected pill mill?

The surge in pain pill abuse in Kentucky is often attributed to the increase of both in state and out of state “pill mills.” This phrase is used to describe a clinic prescribing large amounts of pain killer drugs without medical justification. Often, these facilities only accept cash and do not examine patients or existing medical records. Many have their own pharmacy attached to the facilities and draw huge crowds of patients from miles away.

Suspected illegal activity at any health care facility should be reported to the Office of Inspector General in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Such reports can trigger an investigation and often, the threat of, or actual inspection of pill mills causes operators to move or shut down.

A short complaint form can be submitted anonymously to one of the four regional offices of the Office of Inspector General. To report a complaint regarding a licensed long term or health care facility or service, contact the appropriate enforcement branch as noted below. For additional information, please visit:

To file a complaint about a physician, please contact the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure to receive guidelines on the complaint process.  The Board reviews grievances of professional misconduct, standard of care, moral turpitude and practice irregularities, which may include the inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances. 

To file a complaint about a nurse practioner, please contact the Kentucky Board of Nursing.