CSX Transportation Community Investment - Due December 31, 2018

CSX Transportation Community Investment

Due: December 31, 2018

Additional Information

CSX has a long history of investing in the communities in which it has a business or employee presence. The company, with the help of its employees, works to establish and maintain close relationships with customers and communities across the CSX network by investing charitable dollars, time, talent, transportation and in-kind donations. CSX’s community involvement strategically focuses in a few areas where the company and employees have the most to share externally. These community focus areas include:

CSX considers grant, sponsorship, volunteer, transportation and in-kind requests from organizations that have been approved by the IRS as 501(c)(3) charities. Government institutions such as fire departments and schools allowed under Internal Revenue Code 170(c) are also eligible.

Program Contact
Email: cgsupport@cybergrants.com
Phone: (855) 851-4063