Stand Down Grants - for Veteran's Programs - Due December 31

Stand Down Grants
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) -- Due December 31

The Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) supports local
Stand Down (SD) events that assist homeless veterans by providing a wide variety of
employment, social, and health services. A homeless veteran is a veteran, as defined in 38
U.S.C. 101(2), who is “homeless” as that term is defined at 42 U.S.C. 11302(a)-(b), as amended
by the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (Public
Law 111-22).

Stand Down grant funds must be used to enhance employment and training
opportunities or to promote the self-sufficiency of homeless veterans through paid work.
Veterans experiencing homelessness do not always have access to basic hygiene supplies
necessary to maintain their health and appearance. Lack of shelter limits their ability to prepare
for and present themselves at job interviews or be contacted for follow-up. Basic services such
as showers, haircuts, attention to health concerns, and other collaborative services provided at
SD events can give participants a greater sense of self and an opportunity to improve their
chances of securing and maintaining employment.

The following organizations and entities may apply for grant funds for Stand Down events:
● State and Local Workforce Development Boards
● Veteran Service Organizations
● local public agencies
● tribal governments
● non-profit organizations including community and faith-based organizations.
● Organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(4) entities are not
eligible to apply for this funding opportunity.