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The KLCIS law enforcement program helps cities save money, improve outcomes and literally saves lives. Participation in the KLCIS pool includes a number of loss control benefits at no additional cost to members.

One of the most valuable benefits of membership in the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services program is our Law Enforcement Consultants who work with police departments one on one.  KLC has created a number of useful tools, policies, videos and more to assist law enforcement in the area of safety, training and compliance.   For more information on the Loss Control Law Enforcement program can benefit your city, contact Law Enforcement Consultants, Mark FilburnBrian Nunn or Troy Pitcock.   

The response to resistance training program is one of many tools our Law Enforcement team provides KLCIS members. Model Policies are also provided to our member agencies and provide a foundation for standard operating procedures that are backed by PATC (The Public Agency Training Council) the countries largest law enforcement training entity.

Through the history of KLCIS we have observed a need for departments to have model policies that address the critical areas of law enforcement. Because of this need we have contracted Jack Ryan and the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute to provide our departments with key model policies. 

KLCIS Law Enforcement Member Resources 

KLCIS Firearms Qualification
KLCIS recommends the nationally accepted best practice of a minimum of two annual qualifications with duty weapon and one annual qualification with off-duty, shotgun and patrol rifle. One annual qualification course for the duty weapon should be low light. Check out the recommended courses of fire qualifications for the following: 

Diminished Capacity/Excited Delirium
The United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit decided a case (Estate of Corey Hill v. Miracle) that changes the use of force analysis when taking custody of a person based on well-being (medical emergency/mental health emergency) rather than arrest. Jack Ryan has provided a video on Force Medical Emergency 6th Circuit

Drugs/Illegal Substances
Heroin & Fentanyl
Nationally, we are seeing more officers exposed to fentanyl. The risk of exposure to law enforcement is high through inhalation or absorption through the skin. Fentanyl has been found in powder, spray, blotter paper, tablets and other illegal narcotics such as marijuana. Ensure your officers are wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves. Don’t field-test suspected heroin; mark "seized-suspected heroin" on the outside packaging for awareness and conduct disposal as quickly as possible with consultation of prosecutor and court order.

KACP Accreditation
We at KLCIS encourage our police departments to become KACP Accredited Agencies and offer a discount to these departments on their law enforcement coverage. Additionally, agencies can apply for funding to assist in covering the accreditation free through our safety grant.    For more information please contact KACP Accreditation Manager Shawn Butler at sbutler@kypolicechiefs.org or cell 859-743-2920


New PERF Report on Officer Wellness 

KLCIS Basic Defensive Driving Skills Course
Over the last few decades one of the leading causes of death for police officers involves vehicle operations. KLCIS offers a basic vehicle operations course and recommends all our officers complete it annually. The training was designed by Retired KSP Deputy Commissioner and national expert Rob Miller. KLCIS provides a trailer with all essential equipment for the training including cones and course.  Contact your KLCIS Law Enforcement Consultant for additional information.

Seatbeat Extenders
One of the primary components of Below 100 is seatbelt use by law enforcement. KLCIS supports utilization of seatbelt extenders and for prisoners handcuffed in the rear of patrol vehicles. Go here to read more.

Training Safety Officer (TSO) Program
The TSO program should be utilized for any and all training involving firearms, live ammunition, simunition rounds and physical defense tactics. Please contact one of our law enforcement consultants for assistance in implementing a TSO program. KLCIS has also added the TSO program presentation videos on our website.

KLCIS Health and Wellness Program for Law Enforcement
KLCIS, in an effort to take a preventive strategy approach, has contracted with a law enforcement consulting company to unveil a health and wellness program designed specifically for law enforcement. For more information contact Rodney Sherrod at 859.338.8719.

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