KLC Continues to Communicate with Governor & Legislators About Pension Reform

Posted on October 25, 2017

     The Kentucky League of Cities is continuing to work with Governor Bevin’s office and legislative leadership on pension reform. While we applaud the desire to tackle the issue, the Kentucky League of Cities Board of Directors voted to not take a position on the framework until we can properly analyze the impact on municipalities and the County Employees Retirement System (CERS), and its effect on the dedicated employees who are vital to the success of our cities.

    KLC is continuing to wait on the actual draft of the pension bill so it can be analyzed by our actuary and presented to the KLC Board of Directors for consideration. In the meantime, we are reaching out to Governor Bevin and legislators to convey concerns and questions. We first submitted a list of questions to the governor’s office on September 14. While some of those questions were recently answered, we continue to get inquiries from city leaders on the framework and its possible impact.

     Monday evening, at the direction of the KLC Board, Executive Director/CEO Jonathan Steiner sent a letter to Governor Bevin outlining these ongoing concerns and informing him of the Board’s vote on two proposals put forth by the governor. Our legislative team sent a copy of the letter to members of the legislature to ensure they are properly informed of our communications with the governor's office along with our questions regarding the framework. You can read both letters, as well as the list of questions submitted to the governor’s office from city officials, by clicking here.

     While separation of CERS was not in the pension reform framework released by the governor and legislative leadership, we continue to believe that comprehensive pension reform should address issues related to the state’s mismanagement of local funds that contributed significantly to CERS being underfunded.