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From KLC Health Insurance and Employee Benefits - 
Your healthcare just got a whole lot easier!

If you are a member of the KLC Health Insurance and Employee Benefits program, you have a new feature! 

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) insurance program now provides HealthiestYou, a new benefit provided for you and your employees as a KLC health insurance member.    

With HealthiestYou, you can connect with a U. S. board-certified doctor who can diagnose, treat, and prescribe over the phone 24/7/365. The program saves you tons of money and time with no more wasted hours in waiting rooms or scheduling appointments. All doctors are licensed and can handle an array of common ailments including allergies, earache, sore throat, pink eye, strep throat, urinary tract infection, and many more.

Best of all, KLC always has you covered. Call Lucy Porter in KLC Health Insurance and Employee Benefits staff with any questions about the HealthiestYou service.

HealthiestYou does the following for you: