Financial Services

The KLC Financial Services Department provides low interest loans and investment strategies to Kentucky cities and municipal agencies. For 30 years, KLC has given cities and agencies financial options that help make dreams come true!

More than half of Kentucky communities have used KLC's programs to fund construction of parks, fire stations, city halls, water parks, water and sewer systems, upgrade technology and build infrastructure. Whether it is the low interest rate, the quick turnaround or the flexibility of the program, KLC's goal is to give members the best possible service at the best possible price.  

When Should a City Borrow Money?
Although it is generally preferable to avoid indebtedness, sometimes it is necessary and even desirable to borrow money to pay for construction projects or equipment that would otherwise be unaffordable.  Some cities only start a project when they can pay for it in full.  But, is it fair that current city taxpayers can't benefit from a new city park or water system and are paying for something that future citizens will utilize and enjoy when good financing options are available? 

Benefits of Using KLC's Finance Programs

KLC Financing Programs Offer: