The City Stories Project

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What is the City Stories Project?  

City Stories is a collaboration initiated by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) and the University of Kentucky Nunn Center for Oral History.  The goal is to help cities launch local oral history programs.  A small number of KLC member cities will be selected as a pilot group. The work of those participants will ultimately help to create a model for other communities to use in developing their own oral history programs.  Has your city established a framework for recording its history?   

What is Involved?
Cities selected to participate will need to identify someone in the city to spearhead the project.  That person or persons (up to two) will attend a one-day training at KLC’s Lexington office in summer 2017.  The local project coordinator does not have to be a city staff member.  The coordinators will receive training from Dr. Doug Boyd, world-renowned for his work at the UK Nunn Center.  Participation in all aspects of the training is required. 

The project will help cities identify historic local themes, interview local history makers and individuals who have knowledge about the community.  KLC staff can offer limited guidance on supplemental research, including pictorial and written history.  KLC staff can help cities with marketing and media efforts to create local interest in the project and will chronicle the pilot project via social media, publications and more. 

The Nunn Center will serve as a resource for technical assistance and will provide periodic check-in conference calls with participants.  Recordings will become part of the UK Nunn Center for Oral History collection which includes recorded interviews (and some transcription).  KLC and the Nunn Center will investigate grants and other resources for cities throughout the project.  The Nunn Center and KLC will evaluate the project for continuation and/or expansion after approximately one year (time frame may change).   

What does this Cost?
The Nunn Center will provide recording equipment at no cost on loan to participating cities for the duration of the project.  Limited assistance from KLC will also be provided at no cost. Participating cities will need to determine their own local project budget. 

How do I Apply?
Complete the online application on this page.  You can also print an application if preferred (see above).  With questions contact Terri Johnson at KLC with questions at or 859.977.3784.

Applications are due to KLC by May 5, 2017.  Pilot participants will be notified in May.