Drug Free Workplace Certification Video Provided at NO COST to KLC and KLCIS Members

Drug Free Workplace Certification Video Provided at NO COST to KLC and KLC Insurance Services (KLCIS) Members

The video is a benefit to KLC and KLCIS members and is not available to the public.  
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The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) now provides this online learning tool for KLC and KLC Insurance Services (KLCIS) members that are a part of the Kentucky Certified Drug Free Workplace Program (DFWP).   The DFWP was created by the General Assembly in 2008 with the intent to encourage employers to implement workplace awareness programs to help employees/supervisors more easily identify drug and alcohol use in the workplace, educate workers on the dangers of substance abuse and addiction and to assist in providing treatment if needed.  

If your city or municipal agency participates in the program, administered by the Office of Worker's Claims/Department of Labor, you are required to provide employees and supervisors a refresher training annually in order to maintain your workers’ compensation insurance premium discount. KLC has created a new online training video that can be utilized to meet these training requirements. This convenient web-based training is being offered as a free tool for KLC and KLIS members   The presentation material was created by Personnel Services Attorney (formerly our training manager) Jessica Miller, who is also a Kentucky Certified Prevention Specialist.

The one-hour video covers many topics and includes a brief history of the DFWP program, discusses the impact of addiction on the workplace, reviews common signs/symptoms of drug and alcohol use, and explains general drug testing procedures.  In addition to the convenient, easy-to-use video, there is a participation quiz and sign in sheet that will be sufficient for the renewal application for your city’s participation in the DFWP.