2017 KLC Legislative Agenda Now Available

The 2017 Legislative Agenda serves as the basis for the Kentucky League of Cities advocacy effort in Frankfort.

Immediately after each session, KLC staff travels the state to educate city officials on recently enacted legislation and solicte ideas for new legislative initiatives.  These ideas are paired with staff analysis and presented to the Board of Directors. The KLC Board of Directors is made up of more than 60 city officials who represent each region of the state and cities of all sizes, and includes representatives from various affiliate organizations related to city interests.  The Board meets extensively to discuss and evaluate the suggestions from member cities and prepares a legislative agenda.  Additionally, priorities are ranked so that staff can better focus time and resources. The top issues for cities for the 2017 session include:

In addition, cities will pursue legislative changes in regards to drug abuse, prevailing wage, unfunded mandates and many more. It will take action from all KLC members to be successful.