Nominate Your Fire Chief for KAFC 2017 Chief of the Year!

6th Annual Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs Fire Chief of the Year Awards

The Kentucky Association of Fire Chief (KAFC) has announced its annual Fire Chief of the Year awards that will be presented on August 30, 2017 at the Annual Leadership Conference. We will be honoring both a Volunteer and Career Fire Chief from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

The Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS) is proud to sponsor the Kentucky Fire Chiefs Association Career Fire Chief of the Year Award.

Individuals who are eligible for nomination and selection as Fire Chief of the Year are limited to active chiefs of departments. Selection criteria will emphasize leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, service to the public and contributions to the fire service as a whole. All of a nominee's fire service activities and accomplishments will be considered, but, because this is the Fire Chief of the Year award, special emphasis will be placed on the period from July 2016 through July 2017. A nominee's command role at a major emergency incident, while relevant, will not be enough to place that individual into contention for the award.  

DEADLINE - Applications must be received by August 1, 2017