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 Weekly HR News - Hiring Practices

The Interview
Updated 3/13/14

In addition to employment advertising and applications, the interview process can also be a legal minefield where you must proceed with caution.  Cities must be careful to avoid interview questions that could be considered discriminatory towards a protected class.  According to the Federal Civil Rights Act, a protected class is a characteristic of a person which cannot be targeted for discrimination.  Protected classes include race, religion, age (over 40), national origin, genetic information, sex, color and military status. 

For example, don’t ask things such as: 

Only ask general questions about the candidate’s qualifications that are essential to the functions of the job.  Personal information that is not related to one’s ability to perform the job should be considered irrelevant. 

For more information or sample interview questions, contact Andrea Shindlebower with the KLC Legal Department.