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Weekly HR News - Hiring Practices

Employment Application
Updated 3/20/14

Does your city have an employment application?  If so, when was the last time it was updated?  If it has been more than a few years, it should be reviewed for possible changes.  Many illegal issues with older applications include requests for race, date of birth and marital status.

It is impossible to list every possible pitfall with an employment application, so the best advice when reviewing an application form is this …does it focus on what a person knows and what they can do rather than who they are? 

In addition to what shouldn’t be on the application, make sure your application also includes among other things, an equal employment opportunity statement, a statement that a necessary reasonable accommodation will be provided for any person that needs one in order to apply, as well as the fact that the position for which they are applying is “at-will.”

For more information or sample employment applications, contact Andrea Shindlebower with the KLC Legal Department.