KLCIS Announces Model Policies for Fire Service

KLCIS Announces Model Policies for Fire Service

Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS), in conjunction with the Legal and Liability Risk Management Institute (LLRMI), has developed model policies that address 62 tasks or operational areas for the fire service. The policies are designed to help fire departments control liability exposures and have been coordinated with NFPA Standards and KRS Statutes. These policies were introduced at the Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs Annual Leadership Conference in Bowling Green on January 25 and 26 where fire chiefs voiced overwhelming support and need for the model policies particularly for accreditation or ISO classification purposes.

KLCIS is planning to meet with the Kentucky Fire Commission as soon as possible to make sure they are fully aware of the policies. We will then begin distribution of the policies, which will initially be on a CD in MS Word format.
The first distribution of the policies will occur at the Kentucky Municipal Environmental Safety and Health Association (KMESHA) Conference to be held in Cave City on March 4 - 7.
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In the weeks following the conference, KLCIS Loss Control Staff will distribute policy CDs to insured-member fire departments located in their service areas that have not already received them. It is also our intention to give CDs to the Fire Commission so they can distribute them to any fire department in Kentucky, regardless of their affiliation with KLC.
We also plan to create a web page where fire departments can download the policies at their convenience. The website will be the primary point of access for policy updates.

KLC is proud to bring this resource to all fire departments in Kentucky. It is important for fire departments to work from a common base of knowledge, and it's the right thing to do.

For more information contact Howard L. Rosewell, Jr. CSP, ARM at KLC, 859-977-3700.