Firearms Qualification Course to meet KRS 15.383. March 4 in Cave City.

Why WOULDN'T you send your police officers to this training? 

Firearms Qualification Course Training 2014
Tuesday March 4, 2014
A.I.M. American Institute of Markmanship.
1711 Herbert Turner Road Cave City, KY 42127

Morning class:           8:00-11:00 a.m.*  
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Afternoon class:        1:00-4:00 p.m.*
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(Both courses - Central time zone)

This course is designed to provide small to medium sized police departments without a range and/or firearms instructor the opportunity to qualify with their duty weapons as required yearly by KRS 15.383.  Review KRS 15.383 here.  This will be a PASS/FAIL qualification relevant to the KY Peace Officer Qualification established in KRS 15.383

The course will consist of one hour instruction on universal firearms safety and two hours of dry & live fire on the range in which a total of 50 rounds will be expended.  The first 20 rounds will serve to qualify certified police officers under KRS 15.383; 11 hits required on full silhouette out of 20 rounds fired.  

Skills covered include:  reflexive weapon handling skills, loading, unloading, conditions check, conditions of readiness, safety positions, ready positions, scan positions, marksmanship with actually duty weapon, ammunition management with three types of reloads, weapon presentation from the holster, threat identification, effective shot placement, shooting strong hand only, shooting support hand only, shooting on the move.  

Attendees:  Any Rank

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:   NO COST for Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services (KLCIS) members.  This course is provided only to KLCIS members.

Required Equipment:  Agency approved duty equipment to include:  duty pistol, holster, magazine pouches, three pistol magazines, 50 rounds of ammunition.  Cleaning equipment recommended. 

KLC provides range, targets and A.I.M firearms training staff.

*Max 20 students each course