2014 Kentucky General Assembly productive for cities.

On April 15, the Kentucky General Assembly adjourned sine die to bring the 2014 regular session of the General Assembly to a conclusion. Cities had a very productive session, with eight KLC initiatives achieving passage, including a top priority in House Bill 331, dealing with city classification reform.

KLC appreciates members for their continued support during this session. This success is only possible because many city officials talked with legislators about key issues for cities, attended City Day and City Night events, testified before committees and overall advocated on behalf of their city. Thank you for your help in the 2014 session.

City-Related Bills Passed in 2014
The bills listed below became law and are either KLC initiatives or supported by KLC. Download the 2014 Legislative Update, a detailed summary of bills that affect local government, including important deadlines and implementation guidelines. Watch for a recap of the session in an upcoming issue of Kentucky City magazine.

• House Bill 5 - Cyber Security
• House Bill 176 - Municipal Procedures
• House Bill 183 - City Civil Service Systems
• House Bill 192 - Special Purpose Governmental Entities
House Bill 331 - City Classification System Reform (see below)
• House Bill 376 - City Elections
• House Bill 398 - Re-classification of Nine Cities
• House Bill 405 - Telecommunicator Training Reimbursement
• House Bill 415 - Alcohol Regulatory Fees
• Senate Bill 83 - ABC Cleanup Legislation
• Senate Bill 144 - Planning and Zoning Time Limits on Map Amendments

Other bills of Interest to City Governments:
• House Bill 179 - Law Enforcement Service Weapons
• House Bill 276 - Incompatible Offices
• House Bill 475 - Local Option Elections in State Park Precincts
• Senate Bill 36 - Right of Redemption
• Senate Bill 45 - Electronic Warrants
• Senate Bill 47 - Drug Addicted Dependent Newborns

City Classification Bill Signed by the Governor
House Bill 331, the city classification reform legislation was signed by the Governor and will go into efffect on January 1, 2015. KLC appreciates the support of all members who took the time to show their support for this KLC initiative.

Read additional information about House Bill 331 here and here.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Steve Riggs (D-Jeffersontown), creates two classes of cities based on form of government instead of the current six classes that are based on population. It was a top legislative priority for cities this session.

The law has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2015 to allow cities an opportunity to learn more about the impact of the changes and prepare for the implementation of the structural changes. All cities will be in the Home Rule Class except for Lexington and Louisville. While the change is mainly structural in nature and is expected to have minimal impact on city operations, KLC will provide members with a full summary of the legislation and conduct training on this topic at the City Officials Academy II on May 7-9 in Owensboro, as well as throughout the summer and fall.

KLC will be visiting several cities to discuss the 2014 session, answer questions about bills and get input for the 2015 legislative agenda. If you would like to host a legislative wrap-up session in your area, please contact Tyler Campbell at 859.977.3761.