Newly Elected and Re-elected Officials Resource Page!

General Information 
The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) should be a city official's first call!

What is the Kentucky League of Cities and what does it do for my city?
KLC is a voluntary membership association consisting of nearly 370 cities that provides training, legal services, research, legislative advocacy, insurance and finance services, and networking opportunities to elected and appointed city officials. If you have a question, need training or you are looking for help with a city matter, visit or call 800.876.4552 and we will help your city find the right resources.

Most Kentucky cities are KLC members (around 90%).  If you don't know if your city is a member, check with your city clerk.

Link to a list of KLC Services and Contacts.

KLC is the voice of cities in Frankfort, bringing the strongest and most productive advocacy on issues facing cities. 

KLC’s mission:  The Kentucky League of Cities serves as the united voice of cities by supporting community innovation, effective leadership and quality governance.

How can I sign up to receive legal and legislative updates, grant information, training opportunities and other resources?

KLC sends out weekly e-newsletters, provides Kentucky City magazine six times per year and periodically mails important updates and information. Please provide your contact information here to stay up-to-date and get access to resources that will help you in office.  Your email is very important. 

IMPORTANT Information, Resources and Tools

What do I need to know about Open Meetings and Open Records?
Kentucky state law requires the mayor of each city to distribute information prepared by the Office of the Attorney General on the substantive and procedural provisions of the Open Meetings Act and Open Records Act.  

Read here for more information and to view important resources to comply with requirements.

Oath of Office

Open Records/Open meetings