KLCIS Insurance Products and Services

Our insurance programs were created by and for cities.

Cities and municipal agencies are our business - our only business.   Other carriers can't compare to KLCIS benefits and value. 

KLC provides insurance coverage to more municipalities in Kentucky than any other carrier. Whether it be insuring cities for liability or property, or providing benefits to municipal employees, we've got you covered.  One of many "'extras" with KLCIS is our team of loss control specialists who serve KLCIS members year-round helping make sure you are properly insured and using all the tools possible to ensure your employees are safe and productive.   

We provide insurance products and services through our own self-insured pool as well as through a number of KLC-sponsored programs with other high quality companies and carriers.
KLC created the state's first workers' compensation self-insured group program in 1978 and consolidated its self-insured programs in 1987 in response to customer need. Cities could not find affordable insurance so KLC started a pool to serve them. 
With KLCIS, participating municipalities are our "stockholders." These self-insured programs are member-owned and are governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of representatives from the participating members. All insurance programs are non-profit and are operated in the public interest. Cities, their agencies, boards, commissions, units of local government, and other non-profit public purpose organizations are eligible to participate. 

Find out more at www.KLCIS.org