2014 Legislative Agenda for Cities

2014 Legislative Agenda for Cities Finalized

The Kentucky League of Cities Board of Directors voted to approve the 2014 Legislative Agenda at the October 2013 KLC Conference & Expo. The top issues for cities this session include:

  1. Revenue Flexibility and Diversification -Permit the use of a local option sales tax and expand the availability of the restaurant tax.
  2. Shortfall in 911 Funding - Increase CMRS fees, ensure prepaid pays CMRS fee, eliminate provider reimbursement, clarify ability to collect local user fees.
  3. Classification Reform - Reduce inequities in classification by eliminating class distinctions.
  4. Road Aid Funding Formulas - Reform formula to get more funding to urban areas by including elements of road usage in calculations.
  5. Police Officer Bill of Rights - Oppose expansion of bill, pursue clarification of how it relates to other police personnel statutes.
  6. Retirement Legislation - Clarify application of the spiking of pension benefits contained in retirement reform legislation enacted last session.
  7. Prevailing Wage - Eliminate the prevailing wage laws.
  8. Newspaper Publication Reforms - Reduce quantity of newspaper publications required by allowing posting on the Internet.
  9. Drug Abuse - Support legislation that addresses the drug problem through criminal penalties or other means.
  10. Occupational Tax Crediting between Cities and Counties - Oppose extension of the suspension of the crediting provisions and work with counties on legislation for voluntary revenue sharing legislation.

The legislative agenda serves as the basis of KLC's advocacy efforts at the Capitol. The Board voted on these directives after meeting during the summer and fall to review legislative policy suggestions from member cities and KLC staff. The 64 city officials that serve on the Board of Directors are from cities of all sizes and from eight regions throughout the state. The Board also includes representatives from various affiliate organizations.

For information about legislative issues, please contact J.D. Chaney.