KLC sets Principles of Advocacy for congressional delegation

The Kentucky League of Cities also serves as the united voice for cities of all sizes in Kentucky with our congressional delegation and the administration in Washington, D.C. Like on the state level, KLC has adopted Principles of Advocacy to guide our lobbying efforts in the nation’s capital.

KLC Principles of Advocacy for Federal Legislation and Regulation:

  1. Home Rule

Local decisions are best made at the local level, and Kentucky cities need a strong federal-state-local partnership

      2. Adequate, Stable and Flexible Resources

Full or maintained funding for discretionary programs that support vital projects related to community development, drug recovery, economic development, infrastructure investment and more.

      3. Economic Prosperity

Modernize the nation’s infrastructure networks and allow cities to leverage federal investment for strong economic growth.

KLC’s federal advocacy program includes the following components:

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