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Classification -

Kentucky cities are divided into one of two classes. However, cities and their counties have certain rights and responsibilities depending on their former classification and/or city population.

Code Enforcement -

Code enforcement addresses unseemly or dangerous property conditions in order to enhance the living standards in a community.

Collective Bargaining -

Collective bargaining entails city leaders and union representatives negotiating an agreement on working conditions.
Benefits, Compensation, Home Rule

Community Services -

Community services include parks and recreation, health initiatives, public transportation and other services.

Compensation -

The wages and salaries paid to elected and appointed city officials and city staff take up a large portion of city budgets.

Conflicts of Interest -

Conflicts of interest occur when a city official or an employee becomes directly or indirectly interested in any contract with the city.

Cost of Living Adjustments -

COLA is used in determining the maximum amount an elected city official can be paid, and is based on consumer price index changes as determined by the Department for Local Government. COLAs may also often given to city employees each year.
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